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Reap The Benefits Of Your World With Sissification

Most of us are terrified of the unknown. Hence, we fear death, cancer, our test results, and everything else of the unknown that has the potential to wreck us completely. We fear our difference. If we are supposedly interested in anything that is not defined as normal by the society’s norms, we immediately start hating and condemning ourselves for being that way. We need to understand that being different is normal. The society needs to accept us as whoever we are or wish to be.

Discover your True self

Sissification is the process of converting a male into a female by means of sissy training. For this, the following steps must be followed:

  1. The wannabe stage where you must make a deposit for your room where you undergo training by either taking up a job, where you will be monitored weekly and checked for progress or to make a direct deposit, after which you will get assessed within twenty-four hours.
  2. You will be moved to a house where the training will take place. A master or a dominatrix will be there to keep constant tabs on you. Your training will commence, and you must be able to pay for your room and other requirements. You will be regularly in touch with your own personal trainer, photographer, nutritionist, beautician and a self-defense coach.
  3. After months of training, you are now qualified to take responsibility for others as well as yourself. You’re mentally and physically stable. You are successful in your progress.
  4. You have now finished the process. You can meet with the sissy community that will see you for who you are.

Sissification is a tough and long line to reach happiness. Once transformed, the community will be close-knit and extremely trustworthy.